Monday, August 18, 2014

Come Back To Texas...

It's release day number three.

I'm not entirely sure how that happened, but as I type this, COME BACK TO TEXAS is currently live on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (Kobo & iBooks are still uploading) and are available for purchase. If I was a cartoon, my eyes would be bugging out of my head.

Hayley and Nate have been floating around my head for a good three years, and having this book out in the world is a little surreal. Their story has changed since that day that I jotted down the first version of the end of this book in the body of an email that I sent to myself one day at work. There was no a cappella then, there were no pies, and there was no ice cream.

There are a bunch of posts that are going to be going up over the course of this week, but for now I'm just going to drink my tea and wonder how I got so lucky.

I hope y'all love Hayley, Nate, and the Beats as much as I do.


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