Monday, April 7, 2014

My Writing Process: Blog Tour Thingy

Hola, darlings!
I'm popping in here to say hi, make some announcements, and to join the 'My Writing Process' blog tour.

First things first: The OTGDY blog tour wrapped up last week, after two weeks of some lovely, lovely reviews. So, big thank you to everyone who was part of the tour, and much thanks to my lovely friend, Nazarea Andrews, blog tour queen over at InkSlinger PR, for pulling it all together.

The giveaway ended a few days ago, and the winners have all been notified. Congrats to Chanpreet, Liza, Amie and Brandy- your prizes will be sent to you shortly. I'm super excited to get to send two 'OTGDY care packages', which include all the things necessary to read the book. Like tissues and chocolate because, yeah.

And speaking of OTGDY, remember this blog post? The one about Goodreads adds? Well, I know it's a week late, but TADA! Here's the official announcement:

By April 1, 2014, there were around 350 Goodreads adds for ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG. Which means that I will be donating three hundred and fifty dollars to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. So, to everyone who added OTGDY to your Goodreads TBR list, thank you for helping make this happen :) Hopefully, there will be a few more OTGDY-charity related posts coming soon, so stay tuned for those.

And now, the blog tour thingy!
I was tagged by my darling friend, Jennifer Ellision, YA writer extraordinaire. Her first book, THREATS OF SKY AND SEA, is coming out soon, and I am so, so, super excited about that.

Onward and upward! Let's do this :)


If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably seen me mentioning CrazyBook. Oh, CrazyBook, CrazyBook, CrazyBook. (My phone will now autocorrect if I spell CrazyBook wrong. That is how many times I've typed it.) So, I'm super duper closemouthed about the things I'm working on before any official announcements are made, mostly due to neurosis. But I can tell you that I have been working like a crazy person on CrazyBook, and if all things work out, I should be able to make an official announcement around mid-late May.
I can also tell you that it is, without a doubt, the craziest book I have ever set out to write. The characters are crazypants, the plot is crazy, and I am crazy. It's currently title-less, and I am seriously just considering calling it CrazyBook. But I don't really think that would work out too well.
(I'm also writing another NA book, an adult RomCom, and trying not to write three different YA contemps now. I have a slight problem. I know.)


CrazyBook is New Adult mostly contemporary, which isn't really a genre. It's different than most other New Adult books for a whole slew of reasons, some of which are mumblemumblespoiler. Other ones include the complete genre mash-up (it started out contemporary, I promise. But then things like my MC hijacking the story happened, so now I don't even know what genre I'd classify it as. It has some of everything. Except inspirational romance, which I am fairly certain is not ever going to be added to CrazyBook), the fact that it is a LGBTQ book (F/F), and that while it definitely has some key New Adult themes, it's not really a typical New Adult experience. At least, I don't think so. It would realllllly weird if it was.


Why am I writing CrazyBook? Because the idea popped in my head and would not leave, no matter how hard I tried. Because the main character is hilariously wonderful and not a nice person, and writing her is a joy. Because it takes every small idea I ever had and didn't know what to do with and found a place for them. Because there aren't enough girls kissing girls in New Adult literature. Because I can't not.
Why do I write New Adult? That's an entire blog post to itself, which I will one day write :)


BAHAHAHHAHAAAAA. Wait, sorry, what was the question?
*looks around to see if I can find said process anywhere*
I'm a pantser, not a plotter, so when I decide on what idea I'm going to write, the most I have written down is a few notes of the basic idea. Sometimes I have a rough blurb, but usually not. I have tried plotting before, but my characters always hijack the story and could not care less about any 'plot' that I have. I tried plotting out CrazyBook and it was the longest and most unproductive three weeks of my life. So, no plotting.
I have a day job, which cuts down writing time drastically. I can sometimes squeeze in some words during my break, depending on what's going on, and sometimes (ie, basically never) I actually manage to wake up early enough to write before I leave to work. Usually, though, I don't write until I get home from work. I use the Victoria Schwab sticker method to track how many words I've written every day, and I usually have a certain word count I want to hit daily.
I have self-imposed deadlines, and I try my hardest to A. actually make them realistic (this is not something that I do naturally. I'm all, 'PFFT! I can totally write a book in a week!' and I really believe it at the time. I'm a fast drafter, but not THAT fast. And I have other things I need to do also, like work and occasionally sleep and eat and stuff) and B. force myself into accomplishing them before doing anything else.
I use Write Or Die on the gentlest of gentle modes, because I am easily distracted and also scared of WoD. I'll also sprint with my 4evnos, on Twitter (usually using the #1k1hr hashtag, or if I can swing it, the #writeclub hashtag, which basically runs sprints all day Fridays), or with my CPs (who should all be writing me words right now. LOVE YOOOOOU).

And such.

So, that was the blog tour thingy! I think hypothetically I'm supposed to be tagging three people, but I have been hermiting away for a while, writing and being sick (I haven't been sick all winter. What the eff, spring? THIS WAS NOT NECESSARY), so basically, if you want to do this lovely little blog tour meme hop thing, please feel free to do so next week :) This is your official tag. *Tags you*

Now, back to writing CrazyBook. I'll be back later this week with some other blog posts, and will be floating back through social media, too. (Pinterest? I'm always on Pinterest. I cannot quit you, Pinterest.)

*Hugs everyone* *tries not to cough on y'all*

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