Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy Release Day, OTGDY!


I think it is.

ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG is finally out in the wild, and I could not be more excited and terrified! This book and I have been through quite a lot together, from that first moment that Milcah barged into my head, pissed off and wearing glittered Doc Martens. I always said I wouldn't write 'a cancer book', but when a character moves into your brain, it doesn't really matter what you said- you no longer have much control of the story. Or maybe that's just me :)

The official blog tour for OTGDY will be starting next Tuesday, March 18th, and when I have all the links to that, I'll be posting it.

One of the reasons I pushed myself to finish OTGDY and to hit publish was because I wanted to start a conversation. There are a few reasons people write- and one of them is to begin a conversation. Cancer is a loaded topic- and there have been many people far smarter than I am who have discussed it eloquently and beautifully. But the process of writing, revising and revising OTGDY has given me time to think about the different aspects of having cancer young, and the possibility of dying young. So this week, I'm going to be posting a blog post every day, discussing a different topic that came up while writing OTGDY.

I hope they help start a conversation about how we treat people with cancer, how we view death, and a few other topics, as well.

Just a reminder: the Goodreads pledge is still going on- for every person who adds OTGDY to their TBR, I will be donating money to breast cancer research. I'll be making the official announcement of who I'm donating the money to on April 1st.

LINKS! Right! That part! The part where OH YEAH! You buy OTGDY!


Hooray! Happy book birthday, OTGDY! I hope y'all love it as much as I do.

To all my darling friends who've kept me sane and continue to do so: I love you all to the ends of the universe. I'm so lucky to have you in my life.

All my love,

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