Monday, February 10, 2014

OTGDY Love List

Hi loves!
So in between now and the release of OTGDY, I'm going to be posting all kinds of things related to the book. Today's blog post is inspired by a blog post of the lovely Rachel, who heard about the idea from Stephanie Perkins. The basic idea is to list all the things that you love in your WIP or MS, and so, here we go! The things I love!
(And then a present for you at the end!)

Angry girls
Potty mouths
Sibling relationships
Ridiculous characters
Fire escapes
Regressing :)
Nice boys

Quote from The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. -- <3

forest tattoo


And hey! How about a little scene from OTGDY, as well?

The stupid basket is staring at me. Taunting me.
“Why aren’t you happy, Milcah? Why aren’t you grateful? Why? Why? Why?”
“Shut up!” I yell at the basket.
And now my mind is going. I’m yelling at a stupid gift basket.
Reaching over, I yank off the pink bow and open the package to see if there’s anything inside that I would actually want.
There are pink stuffed animals. A pink blanket. Pink travel mugs- for what, I have no idea. There’s a big pink letter which I promptly throw out, and just to round things off in the vomit filled basket of pink is a stack of motivational self-help crap books about healing yourself and beating cancer by thinking happy thoughts.
As if.
Tossing the books back into the basket, I turn away from the teasing of the basket.
Fuck you, pink ribbon.
And that's all for today! eARCs should be ready later this week, and I'm so excited! One month and one day until release day! *happy dances*
I'm going to start sending out copies for reviews late this week or early next week, so if you're interested, feel free to tweet me (@kkhendin) or shoot me an email (kkhendinwrites AT gmail).

Hope you're all having a wonderful, wonderful Monday!

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