Monday, September 9, 2013

BLATANT BRIBERY (or, Street Team Announcement)

Well, hello there, pretty blog reader!
*flutters eyelashes*
You're looking marvelous today.
Your hair? That outfit? WOW.
Here, have some coffee. A macaron or two. A freshly baked cookie.
Take a seat on this fluffy and comfortable couch over here.

Remember how a few weeks ago I told y'all that I was going to be publishing HEART BREATHS? (And that you can add it to your GR TBR pile HERE?) *sighs fondly* Good times, weren't they?
I write because I want to. Because I need to. Because I would be a lot less sane if I didn't. I'm publishing HEART BREATHS because part of the process of writing is sharing your words with others. And while it's a terrifying and exhilarating thought at the same time, sharing it with others means getting the word out about it's existence.

And to do that, I need some help.
You and I may not know the same people. Granted, there will be some overlap (I know you and you know me ;D), but there are all sorts of wonderful people that you know. Who read. Who like beaches and mysterious pasts and coffee and all the drama and sexy men *cough* HEART BREATHS *cough*. Who maybe possibly would like HEART BREATHS as well.

I would love to get a group of y'all together to help me spread the word about HEART BREATHS. Hide your kids. Hide your wife.
Tell your kids (the older ones.) Tell your wife (or husband, or significant other, or that really cute guy you have a crush on). And that random lady you always see in the hair salon. And that cashier in your grocery store who you squee with about all your book boyfriends. And that friend you have on Facebook from high school who you never talk to anymore, but you remember she read a lot. And the librarian. And the bus driver.
You get the point :)

So, what exactly does being a member of the Heart Breaths street team mean?

I would totally promise all of you a unicorn, but shipping and handling for those are really kind of tricky. As is the shipping of an infinite supply of chocolate and wine and all the other lovely things. Seriously, UPS really needs to work on that.

You get a sneak peek into pretty much everything that's going on behind the scenes with Heart Breaths- sneak peeks of the book, seeing the cover early, and oh, yes, eARCs of Heart Breaths as soon as they are ready and available. And presents. Because I like giving them.
And my undying gratitude, and pretty much a promise that if I ever meet you in real life, I will tackle hug you.

That's a motivating factor, right?
(I've been told I give the world's greatest hugs if that makes y'all feel better.)

So, what's the first step?
You fill out the lovely information right here.

 And you can go spread the word about the street team by tweeting, Facebooking, or renting a billboard. (The link for the signup sheet is right HERE).

Have I mentioned how fabulous you are?
*hangs head in shame*
Well, I do think you're fabulous. In case you were wondering.
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And Hot Guy and his kitty think you're fabulous, too.

Thank you all so much for everything you've done so far- I know that committing to a street team is you taking time out of your busy lives, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much helping.

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