Sunday, August 11, 2013

WIPMarathon Intro/Check In #1

*skids in* *collapses in heap*
As usual, I am super on time for EVERYTHING! 
This time can actually be blamed by the whole friend-got-married-August-first-thing. And then the two-days-to-get-home.
But I'm back (as mentioned on Wednesday), and now am writing ALL THE WORDS! :)
So, first I'll introduce, and then I'll check in. I suppose that makes sense. If not, sorry. It's medium-late, so my brain may not actually be making any sense. Not that that should come as a shock to anyone, but whatever.

MARATHON GOAL: Finish new WiP, currently untitled. Complete final revisions on HB. Possibly start revisions on OTGDY.
STAGE OF WRITING: (As of August 1st) Not sure which SNI will be the WiP to write. HB is out being read by the next group of wonderful, fabulous CP/betas, who I love. *smooshes* The first draft of OTGDY is finished, but a significant amount of research is going to have to get done before I can revise and add.
WHAT INSPIRED THE CURRENT PROJECT: (As of August 1st) I'm not sure yet, because I don't know which one I'm going to write.
WHAT MIGHT SLOW THE MARATHON GOAL: Well, the whole vacation/wedding thing of this past week. I'm Sabbath observant, which means I'm electronically MIA Friday night and Saturday. (Which means weekly posts will go up late Saturday night/early Sunday morning) Fridays are pretty insane, so that cuts them out for the most part. I'm actually still job hunting, so that is time consuming as well. But so would an actual job, so I guess there's that.

Okay! So now, on to check in week numero uno!

WIP ISSUES THIS WEEK: Well, I've picked which SNI to write now! Funny, because I partially started and plotted out a trilogy which I thought I'd start, but no. I was in the car with my friend, driving to the airport on Tuesday afternoon when a song came on. (Slight backstory: I was in LA for one of my BFF's wedding. Friend who was driving me had one of BFF's CD mixes in her car. Both BFF and I have bizarre and random taste in music) I had never heard it, and OH MY GOD y'all, it is possibly the most adorable little song ever. Seriously. When the song was over, I played it again, and it wouldn't get out of my mind, and all I could think about was it would be such a fun book.
I started writing in between flights, and managed to write a little over fourteen hundred words in three days. I'm not entirely sure of the whole plot, but I love this little WiP a LOT. And am listening to the song pretty much on repeat.
So now I have a genre and everything! Current WiP (Untitled) is a YA contemp.
You can have a million SNIs, but the one you need to be writing RIGHT NOW will show up when you least expect it.
WHAT DISTRACTED ME THIS WEEK: See, wedding and airplane travel with an eight hour stopover.
LAST 200: Hmm. I'm going to skip this, because A. I'm neurotic, and B. I'm drafting, so there's no telling any of it makes any sense in the slightest. Mostly A though.
But I will post a random line and try not to have a heart attack while doing so.
(remember, this is all first draft so it may not be final or normal or blah blah blah, etc.)
He glances down at my sandals. “Make sure they do not see those.”
I look down at my sandals. “Why?” They’re cute. There’s nail polish on my toes. I don’t have creepy Hobbit feet. 
And that, my darlings, is it for this week of updating! Which means now I should probably go write some more.
Happy weekend!


  1. Creepy Hobbit feet. :)
    Good luck with everything! Looks like you're doing great so far!

    1. LOL I'm quite fond of my MC. She's a hoot :)
      Thanks for the vote of confidence! xo

  2. So cute - I like the voice already just from the Hobbit reference. Happy writing!

  3. All that activity and you still managed to get such a lot of words? That's is tremendous and I feel really bad now haha.

    That random line made me grin!

    Happy writing! :)

    1. I type incredibly quickly, so that always helps with word count. And it's drafting, which means it's not all good. No feeling bad.
      So happy you liked the random line! Happy writing! xo

  4. Your post was fun to read, and your word count so far is great! Loved your excerpt too :)

  5. Great stats and with so much going on, too! Thanks for sharing your excerpt. Funny. :)