Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hi, Wednesday. (Also, I'm back! Mostly!)

*Tackle-hugs blog* *weeps tears of joy*

Where have I been since last I updated y'all?
*thinks back to last blog post*
Well, after the last What's Up Wednesday, I finished my draft of WiP (OTGDY), and started revisions on a previous MS, HB.
God bless the people who helped with this last round of revisions, as their wonderful notes and observations kind of forced me to rip apart the MS and make it around eleventy million times better. It's now at it's next round of CP/betas of awesome, so that's that.

Here's the thing about revising- it takes over your freakin' life. It consumes you. It makes you incapable of writing basically anything else. And having awesome revision buddies make everything better. *Snuggles with Revision Buddies*

Then I went to Los Angeles for one of my best friend's wedding. I'm actually typing this on the floor of MSP as I wait for my connecting flight to New York. It's an overnight stopover, and I haven't slept like a normal person since WAY BEFORE this trip, but it's all okay.
It's slightly ridiculous how good this coffee tastes. And how expensive it was, because, hello, airport coffee.
Oh, Wednesday, you're looking particularly fabulous this week.

So now that I'm all hyped up on coffee (HELLO, FIVE AM! *bounces*), I'm going to attempt to update you on this wonderful Wednesday.

WHAT I'M READING: It was almost a month, y'all. I read A LOT of books.
And I'm catching up on all my critiquing, which is excellent, because I am all sorts of far behind. I say this every time, but y'all? I have the most ridiculously talented friends.
Other than that, I've been reading all sorts of other things. Well, I finished Harry Potters 5-7, completing my HP Reread, and I forgot how much I loved them. Spoiler: Unhealthy levels of love. Other books? Something Like Normal by Trish Doller (LOVED!), Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper (actually, a reread), Inferno by Dan Brown (surprising, because it wasn't the usual Dan Brown plot), Whip It by Shauna Cross (fabulous and kick-ass), Faking It & Losing It, both by Cora Carmack (sweet), Left Drowning by Jessica Park... Y'ALL, IT WAS A MONTH. I don't remember everything I read.

Well, here's what I learned when flying cross-country for one of my best friend's wedding- that chances are, I won't be able to accomplish nearly as much as I thought I could in the realm of writing. Also, I won't always have internet, which won't really help for things like Twitter and updating Tumblr and I don't know, communicating with people.
But on the other hand, she got married, and it was beautiful and I cried the whole ceremony and we had ourselves a ridiculously fun time before and after the wedding and everything was magical even though I got a radioactive sunburn and now feel like a reptile.

That was a roundabout way of saying that I haven't really written so much in the past two weeks (and before then, I was eyeballs-deep in revisions.) I've actually added a couple more SNIs to the long, long, long list of SNIs, and am currently bobbing back and forth between two of them. This hopefully means I'll pick one to concentrate on this week, because while I CAN write two stories at the same time, I end up concentrating on one a lot more than the other.
Both of these SNIs are YA, which is a tad different than my NA-writing binge I've been on for most of the year. Both contemp, but very different subject matters. One based on the news, one based on a silly Irish song.

Figure out which WIP to concentrate on, and hit at least 12k on it (one is at 1300 and one is at 2500 now).
Catch up on critiquing/beta reading
Research for OTGDY (last MS)- there needs to be a ridiculous amount of research done before I can start preliminary revisions.
Find a job. (Yes. Still.)
Figure out life. (As long as I'm basically putting up my to do list on here, I may as well put this too, as it is on every to do list I ever write.)

I was in LA for two weeks (and San Diego for a day in a half), which in it of itself was a fascinating study of humanity. Not to mention the existential weather crisis I found myself in the midst of. (The weather is ALWAYS sunshine and happiness. It was bizarre.)
I got to hang out with the wonderful Jenny Kaczorowski and her adorable children, drink coffee and SQUEE with her over her PUBLISHING DEAL! I've been so fabulously lucky and have read The Extraordinary Art of Falling, and y'all? You are going to LOVE THIS BOOK. Mark the December calendars
I've been listening to buckets of Vitamin String Quartet, because they are all kinds of awesome. Before LA trip, I Pinterested like a crazy person, and will probably resume once I'm back home.
I have yet to upload the eleventy million pictures I took on the West Coast, but there are bunches of them, many featuring... the Pacific Ocean! And SEALS!!! that I saw in La Jolla.
And more ocean and then pictures of BFF who looked like a fairy princess at her wedding. *sniff*

I'm going to drink some more coffee now and try to do some writing before I get on Plane Number Two. Then I get to go home and try to make myself look presentable for another wedding.
Thursday? ALL THE WORDS, BABY. (And yes, there will probably be Twitter sprinting, so if you're sprinting too, say hi!)

*tackle-hugs everyone*

PS: I FORGOT!! Fun plane story: I'm on Plane Number One from LA to MSP, and it's still daytime. There were a plethora of kids on the flight, most of who behaved themselves, which was nice. We're all sitting there, doing the airplane thing, when all of a sudden, one of the kids (she was probably five or six), looks out the window and yells, "HEY EVERYONE! We're in Heaven!"
Cutest. Thing. Ever.

PPS: What's up with YOUR Wednesday? Blather all over your blog and add your link here!


  1. Wow, that all sounds very exciting... except the sunburn. That part wasn't so good. But hooray for emotional weddings yay!

    Best of luck with all your goals. With your super upbeat attitude, I'm sure you'll get there :D

    1. :) It was all sorts of emotional wedding, and it was magical.
      Thank you! xo

  2. Congrats on finishing your WIP! And yeah, revision buddies are the best. I wish I could tackle hug my CP's on a regular basis. :)

    And your airport coffee description was laugh out loud funny. Worth every penny though, huh?

    Hope you have a fantastic week! *sends you aloe*

    1. It's so sad my CPs/betas don't live closer to me. Although if they did, they'd probably be smooshed from the constant hugs.
      *rubs on more aloe* thank you, darling!

  3. Oh wow - you have had a lot of excitement in the past month! Okay, first - SOMETHING LIKE NORMAL? I LOVED that book - I think it's one of my favorite reads this year. Also, yes to awesome CPs! SO glad they've been helpful for you! And congrats on finishing the WiP! I too will have to do a lot more research when I finish mine, but I kind of love that part. :)

    Have a great week! That line from that five year old is precious!

  4. Sounds like you read some awesome books this month! I've been wanting to do a HP reread for so long now, and this is only tempting me more. Maybe this fall. :D That's awesome that you have so many SNIs. Choosing between them can be tough, but I think it's great that you're nailing it down to one this week. Have fun!

    1. OMG, DO THE HP REREAD. It was SO GOOD- both as a reader and as a writer. JK is the queen of everything.

  5. Wow, it sounds like you've had a great summer. Good ideas definately come out of actively living your life, and it sounds like that is true for you. I hope one of your SNIs rises to the top and you can go into fall with a heep of happy memories and the modivation to get back into writing.

  6. "Figure out life" made me laugh. I have days like that. You'd think being over 30 I could check that off. I guess it's a figure out THIS part of life, then move on.

    I still have not read a book by Trish Dollar. I keep meaning to. ALL THE BOOKS!

    1. Pfft. I think 'Figure out life' is going to be on my to do list for quite a while. :)
      Go and buy Something Like Normal ASAP. It's wonderful.

  7. Sorry about the sunburn, but it sounds like you had a lovely time at the wedding. I'm very intrigued about your story idea based on a silly Irish song. Being partly Irish, and having grown up with Irish music, this sounds like fun! Good luck with wherever writing leads you this week! :)

    1. *Hugs Ireland and it's music* I'm having lots of fun so far.
      Thank you! xo

  8. Good luck on figuring out which WIP to work on. Have a great weekend!

  9. you had a great reading month! I also LOVED Something Like Normal. Glad you had such a great time at your friends wedding. good luck with your goal this week!