Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's Up, Wednesday?

Well, it's been a busy week.

Hmm. What did I read this week?
The Only Exception by Magan Vernon
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter: started this (as in, only a couple of pages.)
A bunch of free books from Amazon. Don't remember names. Sweet, nothing incredibly memorable that I feel the need to tell all of you to GO READ IT NOW.
Some FABULOUS partial mss. (Because I am the luckiest girl ever.)

Everything magical that came out this week. *sniff*
Harry Potter. Last Friday was the tenth anniversary of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and it got me all in the mood of re-reading the HPs, which were possibly my favorite books ever in fifth grade. (which is a little over ten years ago. dear god, where does time go?) I thought we owned all HPs, but the only ones I've found were 5-7. Apparently everyone else in the neighborhood had the same idea, because they were cleaned out.
I will reread them all by the end of the summer, please God.

Ready. Set. Write!
All the sad things right now.
Why do I do these things to myself?
While I'm primarily working on two different WiPs, I'm also bouncing between a third, and all of them are emotional rollercoasters. It's HARD, y'all, to write things that make you have all the feelings. Writing always feels like you're ripping your heart out and putting it on a page, but the intensity level of that cranks up when it's not just happiness and sunshine. These three WiPs are all fiction, but there are parts of me in all of them- parts of me that are scarred and hurt and not yet healed, and writing about them sometimes feels like I'm reopening all the wounds.
It's painful and healing at the same time.
*buys more tissues*

MS1: Uh, oops. That would have involved tracking the number I was at last Weds. Which, genius me did not. But going with the last number I remember (Saturday night), I wrote around 5700 words. The actual number probably isn't much higher than that, I didn't do much writing Thursday/Friday.
MS2: Did some writing due to a certain someone (ahem, Alex) who has peer pressured me into working on this one. Word count added: around 2700 words.
MS3: Nothing really.
TOTAL: around 8400 words this week. :)
There probably would have been more, but all the news happened this week, and that was kind of distracting. (SCOTUS & Texas, I'm talking about you.) And the grandparents were here for the weekend and the brothers came home, which was a cause for much celebrating and trips to 7-Eleven. Because we live on the edge, y'all.

MS 1: Hit 25k
MS 2: Hit 20k
Revisions: I'm in the revision stage of two different mss, and hopefully will be getting some notes this week. So more revising, I suppose.
Find a job :)

Well, I've been compiling a new playlist for the WiPs I'm working on. And it's magical- full of all kinds of feels. Thank you to all the magical people on Twitter who suggested songs to be added to it.
There's one problem.
Due to complicated Jewish backstories, I'm not going to be listening to music for the next three weeks. So while I now have a wonderful playlist with all the right feels in all the right places, I'm going to have to wait three weeks to use it again.
In the meanwhile, I'm going to be listening to a smidge of a capella, but mostly going to be writing to the hum of the air conditioner.

I got on Pinterest.
And Tumblr.
I'm donating a writerly care package at the #FundsForFeaky auction.
My sister watched Les Mis.
I am still jobless.
I love y'all. *GROUP HUG!!!*

Happy Wednesday!

What's Up Wednesday is the brainchild of Jamie and Erin- a way to keep up with people by letting them know what's up with your Wednesday ;)


  1. ...TEN YEARS?!?!?!?!

    Wow, now I feel old.

    *hides in a corner*

    Best of luck with all your writing goals! 8400 is awesome too :D

    1. I know. I feel the wrinkles coming ;)

  2. I love what you said in your "what I'm writing" section. Probably the thing I love most about authors is their ability to write about hard emotions. And, though the reader never knows for sure, I love reading emotions that feel real from the author. From their hard stuff and wounds that aren't healed and were re-opened with their words. I love it. It is so hard though. Keep it up! Those are the best kinds of stories, the ones with the author's blood on the pages. :)

    1. "those are the best kinds of stories, the one's with the author's blood on the pages."
      I think I need to frame that. Gorgeous. xo

    2. Feel free to do so! I didn't even think about it when I wrote it, but seeing it taken out of the paragraph like that, it is kind of amazing, isn't it? :) Thanks for writing something that evoked that emotion and those words out of me!

  3. You had an amazing word count this week! Great job! I'm writing some sad scenes lately too and I have to admit those are some of my favorites. Maybe because those types of scenes really capture the heart of a story. Wishing you lots of luck with your writing goals this coming week, and I hope you get to reread all the Harry Potter books by the end of the summer!

  4. Writing emotional things can be really, really hard...but incredibly theraputic. Good for you for writing it out like that. I hope you keep it up!

  5. You are inspiring me into my own HP re-read. I miss that world!

    Also, sounds like you have some awesome goals for the upcoming week! I am majorly tempted to start working on a second WiP, but my life needs to slow down first. :) Good luck!