Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's Up, Wednesday?

Well, hi!

So, a few weeks back, I saw Elodie (aka @commutinggirl) tweet about a fabulous summer writing party of excellent and fun called Ready, Set, Write, and I was so super excited, because it's always so much more fun to write with friends than to write alone.

Whoever said writing is a solitary profession has obviously never been on Twitter.

And then, of course, like the spazz I am, I totally forgot to sign up on time.
But better late than never, right? Right.

I'm actually between books right now, and have to pay another visit to the library. I've blocked myself from Amazon for the time being, because I has no money and no self-control when it comes to one-clicking. So, if you have any recommendations that my library has or is free on Amazon, let me know. My recently read stack of books is a combination of memoirs, cookbooks, NA, and social commentary. There's a box of my books stored somewhere in my garage back from when I wasn't living at home, and it would be so much fun if I found it. Because it's a big box of books. And I miss them.
Since that was super not really informative, I'm going to add a WHAT I'M LISTENING TO.
What am I listening to? Pandora, my old buddy and pal has been doing an excellent job as my background music recently.
*clicks over to Pandora to see what I've thumbed up recently*

Marry Me by Train
Dare You to Move by Switchfoot
Superman by Five For Fighting
Collide by Howie Day
Brave by Sara Bareilles
Fix You by Coldplay
and lots and lots of Billy Joel.

BONUS: Single Ladies, covered by Sara Bareilles. Because it's unexpected and fun.

Uh.... well, technically the SNI/WIP, but it needs a bit more plotting and figuring out than I thought. So, not so much of that got done this week. I got back some amazing notes on one of my two mss that I'm revising, so I've been doing bits and pieces of revisions, too.
Honestly, I haven't done so much writing this week because of the fact that the vast majority of my time is spent looking for a job. The starving artist thing may work for other people, but I'd prefer to not live in a cardboard box. I know the weather's nice and everything, but the mosquitos will never let me survive the summer.
But hopefully this week, now that I've told y'all that I've neglected my writing, maybe some of it will get done this week! And maybe I'll find a job too!
Finish outlining/plotting/ironing out general weirdness for WIP.
Possibly find people to bother with many questions for research.
Google so much that the NSA will think I'm dying. And possibly diagnose myself with a disease or two. (Yes, there are medical issues in the new WIP.)
Write 7,000 words on WIP.
Do some more ms2 revisions.

All sorts of everythings. Actually, tomorrow's Thursday's Children blogpost covers one of the random inspirations and epiphanies of the week.
Pinterest. I've mostly avoided it like the plague, because I know once I start I'll probably never, never, ever leave. But a fabulous author pal showed me her pinterest page for her new WIP, and I may just cave and go on Pinterest. It's a great place for visual inspiration boards and for having a better idea of what you're trying to communicate in your writing.
And this beautiful post by Amanda Palmer. And this one. (Okay, everything she writes.)
Twitter. I can not say it enough times. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have the incredible people on Twitter. Probably cry and never write anything ever again.

Still looking for a job, so that's been super fun (read: not so much. although having company of other job hunters makes for excellent entertainment). Craigslist is a fascinating rabbit hole. And I am in no way qualified for a lot of those jobs. Like financial analyst, 'social butterfly' (I didn't even know that was a job title. But apparently it is), car detailer, armed guard, or a Japanese actor.
Oh well.
School's pretty much out around here, so everyone's home now- which is fun until they all start beating each other and me up. It also makes it a little louder during the day. But school being out for the summer means all my friends who work in schools, and that is a lot of them, are finishing up the year and that means eleventy million report cards, and then vacation. So partying has partially commenced due to the college semester over (and THANK YOU LORD), but elementary school is ending this week.

And I think that's about it for this week. I hope. I don't know.
It's an ungodly hour right now when I'm writing this, because apparently unemployment has led me to live the life of an owl.

Possibly I should go to sleep now so job hunting, plotting, revising, writing, reading, reviewing and drinking much coffee can returned at it's regularly scheduled times.

What's going on with you? How super productive or not has your week been? Tell me tell me tell me!


  1. Wow - you sound busy! I love the phase when the plot ideas keep flipping around and just when you think you have it, they get up and reorganized themselves all over again. Good luck with the 7,000 this week. You can do it!

    1. Oh, they SO DO. Just finished outlining (finally) and I know that there are going to be things that are just going to do their own thing when I actually write it all. :)

  2. Good luck with your writing and job-hunting goals! I've written around 20,000 words in the last week, probably one of my most productive weeks with my WIP for a few months. Hopefully I'll be able to finish Part II by the end of the month.

    1. Holy wow, that's incredible! Good for you for being the queen of writing this week :)

  3. So glad you're joining us for Ready. Set. Write! Writing may well be a solitary profession (technically), but I agree -- it's way more fun with friends. And it's way more fun with Twitter. :-)

    Best of luck meeting your writing goals for the week, and with your job hunt. I'm thinking all the positive thoughts for you!

    1. Glad to have joined Ready. Set. Write! ;)
      Everything is more fun with Twitter. This is my new motto for life.
      Thanks for the happy thoughts! xo

  4. Dude, if the NSA ever poked around my search history, they'd probably arrest me. I can't help it if I write sci-fi and need to know lots of stuff about explosions!

    Good luck hitting your targets.

    1. I just Google-imaged marijuana fields for a Pinterest board for a previous MS.
      Sorry NSA. No, not really.

  5. I lol'd at the NSA true! I'm glad no one sees my search history. o.0
    I hope you meet all your writing goals this week! Oh, and that music list was wonderful. You've got some of my favorites on there. :)

    1. I hope that at least whoever is seeing my search history is amused, and realizes that I'm not actually not a hypochondriac terrorist/whatever.
      Yay for good music! Those are some of my favorites, too :)
      Happy writing! xo

  6. I always laugh at my own search histories. It's so easy to look up anything sometimes an old TV show or something will pop into my head and I start poking around imdb and other sites and lose all hope of productivity. I try not to open an internet browser when I first start writing so I can keep distractions to a minimum. It works sometimes... :)

    1. Oh Lord, I AM SO BAD at not losing myself in the rabbit hole. When I really need to get things done, I'll try to go somewhere with no internet so I can't even tempt myself. (And then I usually end up people watching. Oops.)