Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I AM A TERRIBLE TEASE. (And so is Leigh Ann Kopans.)

So even though I don’t like when other people tease (really, really, really, as discussed yesterday), I love teasing other people.
Double standard?
Oh well.

Y’all know how excited I am for the release of ONE (June 11!! June 11!! WOOOO!!)- and I am lucky enough to be part of the fabulous #TeamONE. Be Jealous.
ONE is a magical book about a girl who has a half a superpower, and learns that there is superpower in love and friendship.

If you have not added it to Goodreads, well, I’m not really sure I know what to say to you.
So if you haven’t (GASP!!), rectify that NOW.
You’re back? Great.

To celebrate the upcoming release of ONE, Leigh Ann has teamed up with the magical and talented Francesca Zappia, writer and artist extraordinaire, to bring you the first eight chapters of ONE in comic format.

(I don’t know. That sounded comic-book-like.)


Sometimes, people are so incredibly talented I want to rip my eyeballs out.
That didn’t make much sense.
I see your eyes wandering back up to gaze at the fabulousness of ONE, the comic.
Do you want even MORE fabulousness?
You do.
I know you do.
You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.

Once you’re finished drooling over the gorgeousness (wipe the drool off your keyboard or screen, it’s not good for the electronics), toddle yourself over to www.leighannkopans.blogspot.com, where you can find the full schedule of comic reveals, starting back from MAY 28th and going allllll the way to June 10th.

BE EXCITED, people.
Magic like this don’t come around too often.

Happy Tuesday!

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