Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Frankly My Dear... (Review: Eyre House by Caitlin Greer)

Once upon a time, a while ago, Caitlin Greer was a terrible tease.
See, Cait was taking her grrrrrand old time to do the cover reveal for her upcoming book, Eyre House. It was very mean.
You may have figured out by now that when it comes to books, I have approximately no patience for waiting for anything ever.
So when Cait did the cover reveal (and I drooled in envy, as one does) and I wanted to read Eyre House right freaking away.
So I pouted and eyelash fluttered, and God bless Cait, she sent me an eARC of Eyre House to read and brag about to y'all if I like it.
Be jealous.

Eyre House is the reimagining of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre.

Evan Richardson is an 18-year-old orphan, which means he's now free of the foster care system. Hired to work at the Eyre House on Edisto Island, Evan's plan is to work for the summer and get the hell out of Dodge.
What Evan doesn't expect is Ginny- His boss's daughter. His every wet dream.

'Ginny Eyre goes through guys like tissue. She don't take no for an answer, and she'll rip your heart out when she's through. I think Jamie's death cut such a big hole in her, she don't know how to fill it.' loc 322 eARC

Evan has enough to worry about with Ginny being very up front about wanting him, her being boss's daughter and all, and then things start happening around the Eyre House that make Evan wonder if all the ghost stories everyone is telling are true.
Like stabbings and murder and mysterious threatening notes.
And now Evan is thrown in the middle of a summer job that's a lot more than he thought it would be- and the relationship with Ginny, which although she won't admit it, he knows is something more than just a summer fling.

Thoughts & Feelings from the Peanut Gallery:
And I thought I loved the South before. Uh uh.
This was a perfect combination of mystery, old South, and some summer lovin.
If Scarlett O'Hara would have shown up in the middle and started singing Grease's Summer Lovin'.... Well, it would have been weird, but that's kind of went down.

You know how people say if x and y had a baby it would be whoever?

Imma starting a new trend.
If Gone With The Wind, Jane Eyre, Grease, and the mystery section in my library got together and had some motorcycle sex, you would have a nice baby Eyre House.

Okay, that sounded better in my head.
But anyway!

Hiiiiii Evannnnn.

People? Y'all need to stop writing such magnificent male characters because my list of Book Boys I Like has reached harem levels of cray cray.

'for a bad boy, you're really kind of...straight-laced.'
'Maybe I'm not the bad boy you think I am.' loc 647 eARC

*fans self*

Dressed as a bad boy, complete with the rough past, motorcycle and tattoo.
Secretly a charming, well mannered, good hearted boy who is all kinds of sexy.

And motorcycle sex.


Eyre House is told from Evan's point of view, which was fascinating. It's rare that you find a NA written from the male point of view only, and it was a refreshing change.

Oh, Ginny, Ginny, Ginny.
The psychologist in me wanted to pull out the therapy couch almost immediately for her, but Evan, God bless his soul, kicked ass, took names, and dealt with it all.

Ginny uses sex to distract herself from the many many complications that seem to show up in her life. She's flawed and vulnerable and hurt, and she wears her I'm okay mask like a champ. The girl has a backbone of steel, and a marshmallow heart, which is a fabulous combination.
Ms. Catherine, her mama, is also on the butt-kickin-team of Southern ladies.

Will I ruin the end for you?
I'm not THAT horrible.
But let's just say the surprises kept a coming, and I was hanging on to my figurative seat (I was reading on my bed, not a seat. I was hanging by my pillows? Sounds weird.) until the end.

Should you read it?
Why, of course y'all should! (to be read in the thickest southern drawl you can attempt)
Eyre House is being released July 2013, and I will definitely remind you then, but for now, toddle on over to Goodreads and add it to your TBR pile.
(JULY 9 UPDATE: IT'S HERE!!!! CLICKY CLICK AND PURCHASE YOURSELF SOME EYRE HOUSE.) Then make yourself a note to make sure you have sweet tea ready for release day. It would be a perfect combo.

Hmmm. Should I start book and food/beverage pairings?
Eyre House+sweet tea (spiked if you like)+Benne seed cookies.
Praise the Good Lord.

And, as always, go find Cait and say hi. And tell her how much you're looking forward to that southern summer literary goodness.
But hands off Evan, he's mine.


Now, I'm off to go see who wants to road trip with me down to Virginia Beach and the Carolinas.
Unfortunately, said trip will only take place in my mind.
*long suffering sigh* *curses lack of money*

Check back maƱana, when I will be posting a super magical surprise.
(I know. Two days of posts in a row. What is this world coming to?!?!)
Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful review that I'm sure has Cait GRINNING. I need to get this and Leigh Ann's ONE. I need to get them ASAP.