Monday, January 14, 2013

Where Is This Blog Going To Go?

I have no idea.
I know, I'm super helpful like that.
But honesty is how I roll, so that's the bottom line.
I'm not sure where this blog is going- but only writing about my word counts will get boring, I can assure you of that.
I don't really have any deep and meaningful writing advice for people, nor any deep and meaningful advice about publishing. But telling you what I know and what I'm learning is something that I can definitely do, as well as let y'all know if I've read an excellent book or two lately.

I'm actually starting a new job, so that's going to be an interesting juggle, along with everything else.
In the beginning, I don't think anyone is JUST a writer- I can tell you that I definitely am not- I've got all kinds of secret other jobs... actually, I think this one is the secret job :)
There are worse secret jobs to have, you know, so I'm all good.

But today my calculator and I had a lovely little meeting, and while it may be a bit insane (but that is how I roll), I'm calculating to have the first draft finished by May 1st. That actually gives me a few weeks for flexibility, for all the times that things come up.
It will mean I'm going to be writing like a crazy person- early in the AM before going to work, on my way to class (because, yes, I'm in school too), on subways and buses, at ungodly hours of the morning where really I should be sleeping.

This also means that now that I've announced it to the entire internetsville, that now I'm actually going to have to finish it by then. Accountability is always a good thing.

I have only one thing to say to my overachieving, slightly crazy self, the one who thinks I can somehow write an entire novel in less than five months.
Bring it on, baby.
Bring. It. ON.


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