Thursday, January 3, 2013

Well, Hi. (the Miniature Emotional Backstory)

Writing (and publishing) a book was always one of those things I told myself I would do. Started a few, and never, ever, ever finished one. Part of me thought that I never would.
But when it came late December, and I was going through all the different goals I wanted to accomplish this year, finishing a book and publishing kept on showing up.
I know. I am the world's biggest cliche sometimes.
But someone had decided to move into my mind around the same time- a few someones, for that matter. And until I wrote their story, they weren't going to leave.

So here we are.
At the beginning of what will probably be a wonderful, caffeinated, hair-pulling, frustrating, but incredibly rewarding ride. I'll be posting updates on all sorts of things, from actually going through the process of writing a story, the process of publishing it, and everything and anything in between.
And of course, when I have little tidbits and teasers, I will not hesitate to share them with y'all. Because what's a little sharing among friends?

I'm so glad to have you here with me.


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