Wednesday, January 16, 2013

*Insert Celebratory Dance Here*

Last night, the word count of the as-of-now-untitled-manuscript has surpassed 16,000 words.
This is the longest story I've ever written. And it's not even close to being done yet ;)

So: How exactly am I writing this?
Well, mostly I'm writing it in order. As I've mentioned before, I wrote a mildly detailed outline, and now I'm making it more detailed. I can't say I'm sticking with the outline 100%, because I'm not, but so far, I've mostly stuck with the story line.
I wasn't expecting a couple of scenes to pop up, but I'm pretty happy with them there.

In other news, the new job so far is mostly uneventful. And quiet, which is an excellent change from the previous, drama-filled job. And while drama is all fun and games when you're watching it, it's only when you're watching it from afar. Very, very, very far away. It doesn't really need me to be completely emotionally invested, as it's mostly office work, which means that I get to think about the book while I sort things on excel spreadsheets. I've been using StickyNotes to jot down ideas or snippets that come during business hours, and then at the end of the day, transfer them to my Google drive so I can access them at home when it's just me and Scrivener, hanging out. Usually with a soundtrack of The Script and Coldplay, which seem to be my current writing music.

Now, I'm off to play grown up and do some work :)


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